The Actor

It was a hot day, Zafar felt the heat, in spite of the Air conditioned car. Are we there yet? he asked his chauffeur. No sir there is a block ahead, and we might be a bit late..stammered the old man. Zafar didn’t like to be late. Now what..mumbled the star. The chauffeur lowered his window and asked a pedestrian as why the traffic was being held up? The man gave a shrug and walked away..apparently he had a lot of things to be worried about than a road block.

The chauffeur looked back at the actor, he had already lost interest and was stretching in his new car. What a life this man had was the only thing he could think about …He was 26, a multimillionaire, had a girlfriend every week, and most importantly paid him very well. that was the sole reason that he put up with the actors whims and fancies.

“Where is My IPOD?”. The Chauffeur knew that Zafar was in one of his moods and it would be best to leave him alone. He got out of the car and realized how hot it was outside..dusty too…he looked around to see many other cars idling and some people on the bike too waiting for the traffic policemen to clear up. There were some workers who were working on some underground cables. The Chauffeur wondered as how these people could work in the hot sun. Zafar was cribbing about the heat inside an Air Conditioned car. And five minutes outside, he could the sweat trickling down his forehead. The Workmen’s kids were running between the cars that were waiting for the block to clear. They were least bothered by the sun . One of them peeked through the window and recognized the star…wooo he let out a scream and started tapping on the window to get Zafar’s attention.

The kids had grouped around and were all looking for some sort of acknowledgment from the Actor. Zafar immediately put on the actor pose and begun to wave at the kids from inside. The chauffeur looked back at the kids, they were running towards their parents screaming loudly….An Old lady looked up….. wiped the sweat of her face and looked towards the Car.. and then continued with her work. The other workmen barely raised their head. The Chauffeur was shocked by the reaction, He was expecting them to come running to the car trying to get a glimpse of the star…but they did not.

Zafar was hardly bothered and continued to bask inside the car..The Chauffeur was very curious and walked over to the workmen..perhaps they didn’t believe the kids…Hey Zafar is over there don’t you people want to see him? The leader of the group looked up gave a weary smile…i see a lot of his movies, a first class entertainer, but that’s when i am bored and need some time i have work to do and cannot be bothered byhim.

The conversation left him with a totally different perspective… he walked back to the car and pulled himself in…Zafar was sitting with his eyes closed. The entertainer for the crowd…..the Chauffeur stifled his smile, switched on the radio, turned the A/C to maximum and waited for the block to clear.







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  1. Revathi Avatar

    Simple thought! Well narrated 🙂

    My first time here! Thanks for your comment in my blog. Will come back here!

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