The one about Women

Guys are supposed to be cool, savvy and handle emotions pretty well. But with 26 years behind me I found out something very “not cool” about us the “Boys”. We are emotional freaks. I mean we find love in a minute, pick up fights in seconds. It is just that being “Men” stops us from crying out loud or show the sentimental side of ourselves.
Women have an active social life, they talk more, they react to everything, but their emotions are quite controlled. I have had my share of disappointments; the last couple of years have added a lot of grey in my hair. But to the outsider, you wouldn’t find a more carefree person in the world. To my surprise I found out that many “Men” I knew reacted the same way. Parties started to resemble Groups like the ones in the movie Fight Club.
So my new post is actually dedicated to a few women, who by showing excellent purpose in life have managed to convince me that it’s time for us to see them in a new light.
• Grandma: Can you imagine a woman who expressed disappointment and threatened to walk out of the house if she was not allowed to study in 1955. She couldn’t walk with slippers on her marriage day, and took the hands of my grandpa for support. She is someone who can be fragile and strong at the For 50 years she put the family first. When a tragic twist of fate took my grandfather away, I didn’t know how to face her. To my surprise, she came to me fighting back her tears and wanted to know if we had eaten anything. Lessons learnt from her Selfless love, and courage.

• Radhika: Dear little Goofy, I still do not know why people call her that. The second most amazing woman I have met. Great friend, multi tasking, good cook, and someone who finds happiness in spending diwali with kids @ ettimadai. Never will let you feel low, and will never ever give up on you. Too good to be true.

• The First Girl: Well I am still scared to use her name, Confused, Beautiful and Idiotic. In fact learnt so much about girls from her. So anyways no matter what she still figures in my top 3. Lessons learnt “How to handle Girls”, patience.

• The Second Girl: Fun, Fun and Frolic. A total opposite of the First, but in the end taught me a valuable lesson. “Trust”.

• The Last Set: a girl whom I have never met, Mother, Aunt. Self styled, never care for what they say attitude and are sure as hell to get their way with others.

So guys if you are feeling down and out don’t pick up the glasses and wail. Look around you think of all the women who have helped you, hurt you, supported you and then be Men enough to acknowledge them and then empty your drink.
P.s: I am one more year older today.






3 responses to “The one about Women”

  1. Bhakti Avatar

    i m touced !! thanks from " the girl u never met " !! 🙂 cheers!

  2. Goofy Avatar

    That was such a surprise! You can't do all that giving in friendships with out having an amazing person at the other end Dinesh! So there!

    Am delighted to be mentioned here with some exotic tags 😀

    P.S. You seem to be definitely a year wiser 😛 So three cheers to the 'nice gentleman' who actually wrote a public post for Women's Day!

  3. Goofy Avatar

    What have you done to your frames-they seem halved? And the Google Account option for comments is failing – I logged in to my acct and then opened your page to post!

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