The one about Life @ Covington

No matter how many sky miles you have clocked, every time you cross the Atlantic there is a small voice in your head that screams its head off. Well mine did, and I found the best way to fight it. Of the 30 hours that I was stuck in the tube with flashy air hostess I slept for 24.

I had to cross the Atlantic, clear 2 immigration checks to blog about life at Covington, a small town in the state of Louisiana. It’s been about twenty days here. For starters the place resembles towns in the psycho films which has the most devious minds around. Everything is too quiet that I can hear my own breath at times.

Everybody whom I meet smile, I do not know why they do that and have the customary greeting “How are you today”. I am not sure if I have to answer them or ask them how their day was. Anyways no one ever waits to hear my answer they walk off after asking me so why ask in the first place. I have been practicing these so that I can ask them first, but today a lady asked me something which I am yet to figure out.

I am here as a part of the Team that supports a fortune Oil Major in its inventory operations. I know that my company is pretty bad at building good software, but over here at the on site you get a birds view of things. Sample this, the clients have a boat scheduled to leave with items at 1.00 and it has not left till 2.30 guess why, our application doesn’t generate the list of items that are supposed to be on the boat. This is when guys like me come to party; they wake me up from my slumber and ask me to do something so that the boat can leave at least by 5.00. Like most support folks I have been trained to answer with standard responses like “I understand your problem, but am extremely sorry for the inconvenience caused and so on.” It is a miracle that no one has abused me yet. So naturally I am assuming that I am pretty good at this.

Other than the time I ogle at my computer looking for issues to resolve I have enough time to down some beers , spend time at the GYM (that’s right time to get girls going gaga), watching girls do stunts at the pool, and attempts to cook. Thanks to my roomie I am spared of the last task and left with the job of cutting vegetables or doing dishes afterwards.

Thats all about life at Covington…

P.S: I am hoping all of you are having a good time.






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  1. HaRy!! Avatar

    he he.. thats onsite life for us! namala mathiri alunga yelam onsite vantha , this is the case dude 😀 .. yepo coming back da?

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