The one about The Date

A very average day at work was made the most exciting when my friend yelled “S1365”. I immediately knew what he meant. “Seriously” I asked. Yeah man I had to go get a new laptop from the Store and I found out her cubicle. Before he could say another word I ran out of the guest suites to the main building. I never realized I could run so fast and made it to the building in a minute, S 1365 I kept repeating to myself, and reached the South section. I found the cabin almost immediately. As the computer guy of the firm I had access to most systems and with a lot of help from the network guys, I was introduced to her as the “guy to call in case of problems”. I managed to run into her accidently a lot of times, though this involved walking close to 3 miles every day across the two buildings, missing many important calls and at last after 3 weeks I asked her out for dinner. When she asked How about Today? I was jumping like a madman on the inside.
I was too excited to do anything else that day and as soon as I reached home I pulled out my favorite jeans, T-Shirt and set off. I knew she just lived around the corner. I sprinted off to her building. I knocked twice and waited impatiently for her outside. my first official date. She came out in a beautiful black dress, complete with high heels. I was greeted with a dazzling Smile. I kept staring at her and so did she when she saw my jeans and Metallica Rockzz T Shirt. “Where is your car?” She asked. “Oh, I thought we could have a nice walk, before the dinner you know….” I blabbered. Truth was I did not own a driving license, forget a car. That was my first mistake of the evening.
I had planned to take her to a Mexican Restaurant, roughly half an hour by walk from our place. We had to cross a park, and I had to walk slowly with her because of the heels. Trust me Never walk with a girl on heels over a lawn, she will be slower than your 90 year old grandma. She kept laughing at the small jokes that I made. I was simply amazed that a girl as Hot as her would go out with me.
The best part about Covington summer is “Sudden Evening Showers, they are God’s way of cooling things down here.” As my luck will have it we spent the last two minutes in the rain. The High Heels ensured that. I was expecting the “Look, what you have got me into! stare”. Another smile, if she was angry she was hiding it well. But still I had made mistake number 2.
We waited for the rain to cool off and in the meantime talked about a lot of things. The Mexican restaurant had a band playing, the mood was upbeat and she really liked the food. “So far so Good” As I was convincing myself the waitress brought in the bill. I went for it first, but needed a little more persuasion from my part to convince her. A couple of minutes later she came back, “Sir is there another card that I can use, This one does not work?” Drat I had forgotten to transfer the money from the Savings to the Credit section again, which meant another 50$ fine. She read the look on my face and she pulled out a Platinum card from her purse. I should say she was reading my thoughts pretty well.
We walked back the same way, and this time it was even worse. A wet park, her shoes were covered with all sorts of thing in a minute and she had to walk bare foot for the remaining distance. I was kicking myself to nowhere inside, and we walked back to home in silence. As I dropped her at the doorway I turned and apologized for the many mistakes that I had made. I did not know if I would ever get another chance to redeem myself. Just before leaving she gave me a grin and said “You know, I did a mistake too”. That was what I did not want to hear. I was crushed that I did not hear her say “I could have taken my car”.







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  1. Goofy Avatar

    Hey.. this one is cool! An instant write up? Wasn't the premise of the other story something else? You should have built it up a little more! It was like you had decided the end, so patak – you finished it! Maybe some conversation.. some more descriptions of the ambience.. of her etc etc would have made better reading! But liked it, all the same!

  2. Goofy Avatar

    And just seeing the new blog look – tagline korachu over da! Liked the brown and coffee!

  3. Dinesh Balachandran Avatar

    Radhi, the tagline has been that for 2 years now. The new look shows it properly, and yeah an instant write up.

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