The One about a Girl

A couple of months back, if someone told me that I would be getting married in the next three months I would have stared, and then walked away calling the person a madman. But a lot has changed in the last two months and here I am facing a brand new life in the next three months. Things have happened so fast and the seemingly endless list of options has left me bewildered. In spite of all this there is a tiny bit of me that is excited (happy) to welcome her into my world. I am not sure as when she will get to read this post, but when she does I sure do hope that she has enjoyed the journey so far.
P.s I remembered that this was not Twitter later on!







2 responses to “The One about a Girl”

  1. Cruz Miranda Avatar

    I hope that she will also get to read the unpublished The one about the date – Part 2 !!

  2. Goofy Avatar

    When the time would come for this post, I had thought that it will be a soulful reflection of a quarter century and how life is going to change and how the weathervane is pointing all due north!

    And then this!!! 😛

    And as always – same request – please do write more often!

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