Why this Kolaveri?

It is one of those days where the rain plays spoilsport and you are forced to sit inside watching the splattering drops. The Missus is not very happy that the things did not go according to plan. She simply stares outside. The rain picks up pace and the heavy drumming is making a weird noise that is coaxing me to the bed.

I fight my sleep and take up the mission to lighten her up. I try the one which works best for me – Music. I plug in my X Mini to to my faithful iPod and DJ away.

I silently hoped the shuffle list would understand the situation and churn out numbers accordingly

1. Life in technicolor – Coldplay

The song complements the outside rain, the music in place to the steady fall. she takes a look, picks up the idea pad and tries her hand at browsing. Halfway though the song she tosses the reader aside and moves her chair closer to the patio door starts watching the rain again

2. Capri – Colbie Calilat

As Colbie’s soulful sound fills up the room, I see a small change in her reaction. She looks back curiously, before I say anything, she says “Can we eat? I am Hungry”

3. Riders on the Storm– Doors

As JM sings about the killer on the road; I watched her line up the dining table with food. My attempt to help was waved away. By the time she was done setting up and I sit down at the table out comes

4.Highway to Hell.

I did not have to look at her face to understand that the songs were not giving her the effects that I desired.  I put the player on hold and continued with lunch. It was liking watching an Adoor Gopalakrishnan movie. The only thing i could hear was the splattering rain and that occasional clatter of my spoon against the plate.

After lunch, I picked up my laptop and decided to check my Facebook page. I saw that many of my friends had shared a video. The youtube link had generated more than five hundred thousand hits and was a big hit in the social networking sites.

I hit play and watched Dhanush sing “Why this Kolaveri di?”. A couple of minutes later the missus was near me watching the video with great interest. A couple of loops later she was humming the song and also did manage to find another video of a Punjabi girl singing the same song.

She displaced me from the computer table and was logged into her FB account and shared the links there. I have never been a big fan of songs such as these. I was pleasantly surprised that the missus was enjoying this song a lot. By the time she was done with her FB; the rain had stopped. Our plans for the day were back on track though delayed by a couple of hours.

The idea of going shopping was the shot in the arm that she needed. It was as if she had found a new lease of life.

We come back six hours later from the Thanksgiving sale, My hands are tired after carrying the bags from the shopping stores she raided. I threw myself on the futon and my mind went over the finances for the month.

I moved to our patio. The chair was still there. I sat there and stared at the darkness humming “why this Kolaveri di?”.







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