Random Thoughts

Let us just say that some things trouble me. I cannot understand the father who says his son was punished for 20 minutes of action when he raped a girl. I feel helpless when I read about doctors in Syria have to plead for the bombing to stop. I dread the days when Nadal and Federer stop playing tennis. I feel gutted when India fails to win anything in the biggest sporting event and fellow Indians dismiss the athletes effort with pomp. I feel absolute emptiness when people keep complaining about luxuries that they cannot afford. The thirties have not been what I expected, the has been a tinge of emotion in everything. When I was younger I probably had a lot of avenues to let off steam, and found ways to ignore the problem as well. But as I have aged, It is difficult to get over the pain and anger. The fact that nobody cares is extremely frustrating. Is empathy not a virtue anymore? Will we ever learn to be content? Will I learn to live life free from pain, misery, anger, hatred and most importantly free from me?






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