Category: Opinion

  • Leadership Musings

    Every year as the year draws to a close and I knock off the mandatory learning hours (KRA hours) I go through books, essays and talks around corporate leadership. As I delve into subjects like bias recognition, conflict and trust management, managing effective teams I cannot help draw parallels to what I see in my […]

  • Being Strong

    I have always been a logical and practical person. It is not that I am emotional, my ability to compartmentalize and go ahead is something that I am really proud of. But these days, I do find it a lot more difficult to block the emotions out. The news cycle is vicious and can take […]

  • The Fear Factor

    The last two books i read were This Changes Everything by Naomi Klein, and Factfulness: Ten Reasons We’re wrong about the World by Hans Rosling. While Naomi’s book takes a dire tone and focuses on the need for urgent actions to combat climate change, Hans’s book uses data to explain how the world is really […]

  • Demonetization Thoughts

    On November 8th 2016, the prime minister of India announced on National TV that the 500 and 1000 rupee notes were demonetized effective midnight. The PM announced that the people had until Dec 31 to exchange the old notes. Post Dec 31 the people could exchange them at the specified RBI branches. The government believed […]

  • The One about Life @ OMR

    “Anna” “Anna” yelled the kids by the wayside. They were waving frantically and get somebody to who could drop them near their school. 9 times out of 10 I would have sped away, ignoring them, lost in my own world. Today I decided to stop. As soon as I moved to the side of the […]

  • The one about Protests

    Last month, a friend of mine and I had to go out. It was super hot that day, and we decided to stop for a drink. As we were relaxing with the drink in the shade of the shop, I saw a group of youngsters who had set a stall in the roadside and were […]

  • The Little Gods

    Is He willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then is he impotent. Is He able but not willing? Then is He malevolent. Is He both able and willing? Whence then is evil? These are words of the ancient Greek philosopher Epicurus. For Epicurus, the purpose of philosophy was to attain the happy, tranquil life […]