Staright From the Heart

Each and Every thing associated with this amazing country has a dash of Emotion to it. Just take a look at things happening around you and you will know what i am talking about.
Candle light’s the way
After Rang De Basanti, and Munnabhai’s Dadagiri “The Candle” has captured the attention of people and media alike. Candles were lit as a mark of protest against the accused in the Jessica Lal case and the Priyadarshini case. With the accused sentenced in both the cases, it has been a hard fought victory for the victim’s kin, and friends. The media highlighted the power of the common man and media, wrote about how faith in justice is restored, and also took out the Defense counsel on a one on one.
Justice was served because it was demanded for not by one but thousands, the sense of support was because a person had been wronged and the emotion in the others surfaced as signature campaigns, slogans raised, candles lit and what not.

Candles lit for Jessica have shown the way for Priyadarshini, Meher, Nitish and so many. Will this lit candle lead us to the path “where justice prevails”. Only time will tell.

India Winning its First Cricket Test Match in South Africa

The Indian Cricket team which was at the mercy of the South African Cricket Team in the One Day Series, Won the opening Test with flair. The team played cricket well, but what will stay in everyone’s minds is Sreesanth’s war dance after smashing Andre Nel out of the park. It was not about the aggression showed, it was the response by the young lad to the big South African’s verbal assault that won hearts. Comeback men making a point — another headline and another emotional moment. Laxman and Ganguly played well no doubt, but the fact that they did it when they were not expected to makes it special. The man who said they were unfit was forced to eat his own words. The People loved it.

India at Asian Games
Leander and Mahesh’s win at the Doha Asian games. The win fetched the Gold but the drama off court won our people’s hearts. Every news paper covered the “fight” on and off court. The Final word was they should play together for the fans and for the country, which they surely will.

And if I were to cite examples I would be never finishing this. Everything from the land acquisition problems to historic achievements, have an emotional side that warms our hearts and makes us relate to it more.

Perhaps, some might feel that we take things too seriously but when u think about it anytime this is the reason that makes me, you and anyone else feel at home and realize “Yeh Dil Maange More”

India Rocks…………






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