The F.R.I.E.N.D

The day started like any other day bright and sunny, I was feeling good. A friend of mine had come over the weekend and we were discussing his plans for the future. The earlier night me, my roommate and my friend were talking about the good old college days, when we were free of all worries and responsibilities. We sat there recollecting the good old days. Amongst friends, you tend to be a different person. You can be you without being bothered about anything in the world. If a person who is around you can let you be you, he is your FRIEND. I heard this from “Kiran Madhu”, my roommate in college. This day I was myself among these people, and was waiting for my day to begin.
As we sat in our hall with steaming cocoa and the news on, we got a call from another friend in the United States; somebody had scrapped him in Orkut saying that “Kiran Madhu” had met with an accident. The news came as a shock, because I had called Kiran up the day before and as usual, he was playing host to a group of friends from college who had gone to Bangalore. As he was busy, he had told me that he would call me up on Monday. Then came the shocker that Kiran had been killed in the accident. The mood in our house changed. There was a sense of discomfort; silence had taken over the place. I sat there stunned, my soaring spirit had been brought down by a phone call.
Kiran was somebody who was there for everyone. When you were in trouble all you had to do was to call him up; he would have an answer to your problem. Now we didn’t know whom to turn to. I sat there thinking about the numerous times that he had helped me out. He had played a huge part in making me, the person I am today. He showed us what it was to live free, do what one liked without being bothered about what others had to say, he taught us what friendship was by being there for friends when they were down and out. Just then, I realized how much his friendship had meant to me. I had lost a friend, a brother not by blood but by bond. I couldn’t bring myself to cry, but my heart was heavy.
We couldn’t understand why this had happened; here was a boy who was the most cheerful among us, who had high hopes in his life, lying cold and lifeless. Something was telling me that he was there then, trying to tell us that everything was fine and not to worry. One of us says let us uphold the spirit of Kiran Madhu by vouching for eternal friendship and upholding all values that he stood for. Each of us stood there thinking about the wonderful memories he had left behind. As the flames engulfed his body, I see my other friends break down and mourn. I take a deep breath manage to say, “Farewell my brother, find Peace”, before the tears start flowing.






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