Feel Like GOD

“Feel like GOD”, that’s what the sticker on my bike says. I do feel like one when I am on it. The exhilarating feeling when you race on it is something unique. I took my bike and went out for a late night drive. I liked to go out for a drive in the night, it helped clear my mind. So here, I was coasting when I noticed the signal turn red. The new traffic regulations required the lights to be on at all times. There were not many on the road. Still I stopped and waited for the green.
I was joined by another young man at the signal. He saw the sticker, smiled and gave me a thumbs up. I smiled with pride. The signal turned green and the guy, apparently in a hurry, raced ahead. On any day, I would have raced him down, but that day I wanted to while away time. I let him go ahead. I watched the tail light disappear on the road, as another car sped past me.
A few seconds later, I heard a loud crash; I saw the bike landing after a somersault in the air. The car had knocked over the other biker, and sped away. There was not a soul in sight now. The bike was damaged beyond repair. I saw him about ten meters ahead, lying crumpled on the road. I ran to him, he appeared dead. The scene made me sick. Blood everywhere and the stench made me throw up. I was shocked; I had witnessed one of the many Hit and runs of the city.
I heard a groan, he was alive. I ran back fighting the nausea and tried to hold him still, I had to take him to a hospital. The roads were completely deserted, I did not what else to do, I carried him to my bike, and raced off. I have heard about the need to keep a injured person still. Nothing came to my mind then, I just wanted to reach a hospital and i did my best to keep him from bouncing of my bike.
By the time I reached the hospital, my shirt was drenched in sweat and blood. The attending took the guy in, and asked me to wait. Pandemonium reined, a part of me wanted to be somewhere else, enjoying my ride, but here I was at a hospital, wondering what would become of a man whom I just met. I could not even remember his face.
Then came the police, the enquiry, and i spent the rest of the night filling forms and answering questions. The police were trying to trace out his family, and wanted me to be there until notified. At dawn, the attending came out and told me “He has damaged his spine, and probably might never walk again But he is alive”. That was the first good news that I heard in 12 hours, I hugged the doctor, and cried like a kid. And you are his……? The doctor asked. “Nobody” I replied. The doctor looked as if somebody had slapped him. Oh. Good, I mean that was nice, not many would have done that.
I moved away to a corner. I didn’t want to think that it was because of me, I had brought him there on my Bike. I could have done more damage than the accident. That was when a gentle man walked in. he looked harassed, spoke to the doctor and walked towards me. He thanked me again and again for what I had done. (It was his son). He called me a God, I felt happy, very happy.
But that day was only a memory now. That happiness was not helping me in any way today, for nothing could stop the pain in my battered and bruised body. My bike had let me down. And I was being taken to a hospital now. Scenes flashed in front of me, Blood, pain, the ambulance…….sirens wailing… the people…and then at last the sticker “Feel like God”. I managed to smile before it was all over.







3 responses to “Feel Like GOD”

  1. Goofy Avatar

    Brilliant juxtaposition!

  2. Rakesh Avatar

    pulikuttan… good goin !!!

  3. Rowena Avatar

    For whatever reason I feel like I’m in a bit of a shock after having read this. That was intense.

    And as for your comment on the hike. I am always working at succeeding in living the life that I live. Think positive, use all of your senses, use less, give more, enjoy every moment when it’s good and don’t dwell on the minutes when it’s bad. Oh, and eat to live, not live to eat!

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