So Far So Good

I remember the first thing that came in my mind when the clock struck twelve this new year eve was “i am not going to let this year out of control”. If you take out a couple of failed attempts at the GMAT, a crush that Crashed, a bad Accident, and getting kicked out of a Project after slogging for three and a half years the Last year was not a bad one, I just played the big points badly and that cost me dearly. It was these mistakes that i wanted to correct this year. And something that is helping me do it is the book ” The Flight of Jonathan Livingston Seagull”. I have read this book before, but now that i find myself in a situation very similar to Jonathan Livingston; this has become life altering.

So let us come back to what has happened in this year so far… A few days into the New year and here i was facing the first big point of the year. I knew i had to pull it off. I set my heart to it. I do not know if i have pulled it off, but am happy with the effort that i had put in. In the Process something set me free, i was no longer worried about the result. I had done my job and knew that was it. That feeling opened the floodgates.

Then the very next day came a shocker. Strangely it left me unaffected, i was the least worried about what had happened. Mainly because i had a lot of things on my mind, i had moved into a new work environment, and the new place had a number of clowns. I was concentrating on the work at hand and that kept me occupied. I had to move away from my friends. It was harder than i thought , they had helped me through a lot and their sudden absence was a huge disappointment for me. I got the feeling that “I was on my own again!!”. I realized that space and time would not be a barrier to our friendship. That kept me going, a inner voice that kept reminding me to do my job and not be worried about the other factors. A few days into the new work place and i have left a mark, not a print but at least i am not going down. So here i am saying Bring it On!!!

It has almost been a month since the new year, so as to say i have kept things under control. My new life has been way against my tag line of “If everything seems under control, then you are not going fast enough in life!!!!”. But for now this is the way it is.

** For those who have not read “Jonathan Livingston Seagull – “






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