Stale Dosas and The Secret

Of late work has been so hectic that i have to take my evening call with my clients at 8.30 PM. I have always been against working late nights, but suddenly i am stuffed up with so much that, i can clear up the mountain only by then. The harder i try to complete it soon, the more difficult it seems to get. The work is good, am enjoying the challenge, but in this i have missed doing two things that i love doing my evening walk and Dinner. By the time i start most hotels are closed except a small eat let near my place. Getting stale dosas from a guy who likes a murderer and eating it at 10:45 by the road side was not what i expected in my life. What else i am going to live with in the pursuit of dizzying heights in the corporate world, God Knows!! And when i come back to open my blog to crib about i see (Rowena’s Blog) with pictures of delicious looking stuff she has made, and hear Goofy blabbering about her cooking skills. Life is Cruel. I miss GOOD FOOD!!!!!!
I took a break from work and managed to spend some time at home with my parents and brother. Oh the morning coffee, breakfast at time, good food and super duper care, boy i loved it. And after four days of eating and rest, i came back heavier by 5 pounds. Looking at the amount of work that i have to do over the next weeks, am sure to loose 10 pounds.
Back at Chennai, a friend showed me a book he had got. “The Secret” by Rhonda Bryne. He said that he got the book on my recommendation. That was a bit surprising because i had never heard about the book and i don’t remember talking about it to anybody as well. Wednesday, I was cleaning up the files in my system when i found a pdf version of the book on my computer. Freaky!! It just didn’t end there i got the book as a gift. And now the Secret is in my hands. I wonder what it is going to unlock!!






3 responses to “Stale Dosas and The Secret”

  1. Goofy Avatar

    There is a saying in Tamizh – uppitavarai ullalavum ninai!

  2. Dinesh Balachandran Avatar

    P.S I was invited by Goofy for lunch(which was good) but served at 4.00 PM

  3. Rowena... Avatar

    Oh dear, I'm almost afraid to tell you that the next week will deal mainly with more…uhm…food. Just be sure not to visit on an empty stomach, and be forewarned that one of the posts will be a little morbid! Hint: skulls and bones. ^-^

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