The one about the EyeTest

There was this eye camp at office, and I did go to get an eye check up. The optician makes me stare at a computer and almost blinds me with her flashlight, then after a while he asks me to read the alphabets on a board about 3 meters away. I reeled them off at 2 alphabets per second. I was ready to give my triumphant smile, when she pointed out that I had the last row completely wrong, she fits a lens over my eyes, and the letters became much clearer. I had read P as S Q as O and X as H. That’s right, you can smile now, I need glasses.
So I did plan to go to an eye hospital and get myself an in and out test, and set off. On the way I had to give my camera for a service. I stopped by at KFC for a Zinger meal, and though it was a hot afternoon the food court was full. There were a lot of attention grabbers as well. (Read hot chicks). Just as I finished ordering a burger a smoking hot blonde walked in. Naturally, a lot of heads turned, she came and stood over the counter and until she left the place nothing else moved.
As she walked away I couldn’t help notice her dress, Ever seen the new Size Zero ad? She wore something like that. There was a caption at the lower back, I picked it up even from the distance. It read “I am fun”. She was about three meters ahead, and the letters smaller than the ones on the eye camp board. So there you go I passed the eye test with flying colors, and it is relif to know no glasses for me.

And if you haven’t noticed the new design for my Blog (Thanks to the WWW), you need them soon.






3 responses to “The one about the EyeTest”

  1. HaRy!! Avatar

    ha ha ha lusu BD….maybe that chic was yur EYE OPENER… ..howdy these days 🙂 ?

  2. Dinesh Balachandran Avatar

    Semai Velai da..a project in final phase..bend nimuthuranga..but since i took up the responsibility wanted to finish it on a good note.

  3. Goofy Avatar

    You can't be sure (i.e. with your Ps&Qs misplaced) that it didn't read 'Ur Dead'! 😛

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