D Music Makes me MAD

I love music so much that i absolutely hate it when I do not enjoy it. I’ve enjoyed listening to songs in languages which I will never comprehend, but I hate it when the song is composed as a jumble of retarded tones. Of late thanks to a large crowd of people from a neighborly state I am getting used to many songs that do not rhyme right, do not sound good and that do manage to increase my blood pressure.

The concept of Keyboard beats. Yes they do sound good on your Contra video game, but why does it have to be on a full length video song where the hero vigorously shakes his hips is what I do not understand. Then there are rip offs, if they had been faithful to the original it would have been some justice, but attempts to modernize it with hype beats and jingles does make it a very painful exercise for your ear drum.

The worst part is when you have the idiots sing along. DO THEY EVER REALIZE THEY SOUND WORSE THAN A FREAKING CROW?

I need Advise folks, need to survive this.






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  1. Goofy Avatar

    You always carry around a wonderful collection, don't you? Plug in your headphones, switch on the player and take a long walk…

    Go to a park (preferably near where you can get WiFi signals) and browse.. write your stories… read your books… meet random people and talk – you never know… what you do not find in a neighbouring state, you might find in a strange country!

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