A Tale of Three Nights


As soon as I heard the Lift Lady Sing “Please Close the Doors” for the Umpteenth time, l let out a volley of curses and groans that would have silenced anybody but her. I walked up the stairs slowly thinking about the pathetic day I had at work. The shoes flew first, the laptop bag next and then as I slumped on the crouch my faithful Sony Ericson W 705 began crooning “The Way you make me feel”. I always thought that was the best song to describe our relationship; she could make my moods swing from the Atlantic to the Pacific.
A flurry of questions hit me as soon as I picked up the phone “Why was the Phone Switched Off? Why I had not called? Why am I Late?” Each of my half answers was met with another question and about fifteen minutes later, she slammed the phone down. “Wife on the phone” I explained to my roommate. He shrugged with a casual “Do you want to join us for a game?” I threw the phone to a corner picked up a racquet and went out. Two hours later I came back to my room totally spent and threw myself on the bed. I picked up the phone SMS’d her A Love you Message and tried to sleep.


As soon as I got off the bike I hit the dial button on my cell phone; the caller tune seemed to go on endlessly before I heard “Hello”. Me “Sorry, the meeting was longer than I Expected” Her “No problems, I was speaking with my sister on the other phone”. After ten minutes near the Parking lot, I had to concede to the mosquitoes and decided to go inside. I heard the lift lady sing “Please Close Doors”. I was more than happy to take the stairs as I did not want the lift to interrupt the connection. Balancing against the walls I threw the shoes, the laptop bags and slumped on the bed with the phone still glued to my ears. 20 more minutes later my roommate popped his head and asked “Do you want to join us for a game?” I shrugged and said “Wife on the phone”. 3 hours later when I realized that I had run out of balance on my cell phone, I disconnected and lay on my bed thinking about her and tried to sleep.


I am working on the computer, the phone rings. I don’t even bother to take a look. I finish typing my story as she asks if I have any idea of going to bed. In just a little while I say. I close my laptop, turn off the lights and slip into the bed right next to her.







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  1. HaRy!! Avatar

    so whats yur point mate? Quit Satyam and change workplace…. hope she feels bliss abt that!..and nice to see yu keep writing something…"pls close door" i hate that sound

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