The one about Akkara Kazhchakal

I was mighty surprised by the satirical Malayalam sitcom “Akkara Kazhchakal”, a show about the lives of the malayalalee expatriates living in the United States. The show is laced with numerous scenes that would make people wonder if the writers were watching their day to day activities! It is hard to understand our countrymen’s obsession with the word FREE!

When people back home have a rosy picture about Life in America, reality presents a totally different picture. The more people I meet the more I get obsessed about finding out as what drives people to the land of opportunities, and I am going to go ahead and classify our fellow country men into the following categories.

The Eternal Savers

The guys who bear the burden of their families, each one could tell us a story that would fuel a thousand mega episodes of T.V Serials.

* Excellent Mathematicians – Multiplication skills sharpened by converting each dollar to its equivalent rupee. Yeah I am talking about the people who start by saying “Whaaat…. 10 dollars? you will get this for 50 Rupees in India.”

* Surprisingly Organized – These people go as far as maintaining spreadsheets comparing the rates between stores such as Dollar Tree , 99 Cents , Wal-Mart and K-Mart.

These are people who hope and pray that the conversion rates remain strong while claiming that India is the best country in the world. confusing isn’t it?

The Deal Masters

The guys who like to spend money only when they get a good deal for it. They scourge the web, waiting to pounce on any thing that comes cheap.

* Extremely Patient – Ready to wait for hours in the Cold, Rain, Sun for the right deal. The guys who go “Do you know how much is this? 900 dollars, but I got this for 150”.

* The Next Business Magnet – Guys looking for a quick buck, members of network Marketing teams, the side business guys and magnets who repel people.

The group is filled by people who try hard to convince everybody that they have made a profit in every aspect of life.

The Social Networkers

The guys who do care only about the next Facebook picture. Their life is an Open Book as every moment of their life is documented in some social networking website.

* Extremely Thick Skinned – “I DO NOT CARE” written all over them

* Excellent Salesmen – Can make the most ordinary task look special, have faithful fan following as well.

The guys who post more than 10 updates a week, and guys who check their emails, and Facebook at least 5 times a day are the exclusive members.

The Other Guys

The guys who came here with hopes of enjoying their work, and woo lovely firangi ladies only to realize that work F*ks them over, and firangi ladies act as if they do not exist. Nobody knows them but these are the guys who spend the time answering late night work calls and cook the next meal.

Where do I fit in? let me tell you all the things that I did today and you decide. I begin my day visiting the 1saleaday website, check my emails, hope at least one firangi would give me the look and right now guys I need to go to cook something for tomorrow.







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