There is an app for that

So every company is at promoting the buzzwords Digital, Mobility, Analytics, Cloud to employees and customers alike. The place i work at is also seeing a digital revolution and the upper management has asked us to come up with innovative mobile apps that disrupt the regular lives. I do understand the smart phone has changed our lives forever. Call me old school, but i still like to put some trust in my memory and self over an app to do things. Now a couple of my colleagues (let us call them 1 and 2) i believe have sold their souls to the smart phone. They claim that their phone has the potential to do every single thing that i can think of. Oh come on that is stretch for sure right, you cannot have an app for every single thing you like to do in your day to day life. Like what says 2. I did not want to give them easy wins so i told them not to reel of apps that i had used up to the point and i also asked them to ignore the broad categories of apps under news, photography, social media, life style, weather etc . 1 & 2 still seemed pretty confident that they would find an app for anything i threw at them.

Since we were having the conversation at a pub, I asked how about an app to find out about beers? “Untappd” says 2. 2 tells me about the app that allows one to track and rate beers tasted. The app then generates a recommendation list based on your likes and also lists the pubs nearby that sell the drink you want. Wow, as i take in the details i see the metro bus pull over at the corner of the street. I knew that there was an app to track the bus schedules but then the bus just groaned as it went over one of the numerous potholes in the city. I bet you there cannot be an app to track pot holes in the city said I. There is one for that says 1 after a few seconds on his phone. This time i am shocked Really? who builds an app for that? The city of Houston does beams 1.

I clearly had underestimated the Digital warriors. I was unable to think of anything at that point and struggling to come up with new ideas. Seeing my predicament 1 & 2 decided to intervene. They decided to take several creative liberties to make the search more challenging. Let us see if there are apps to rack places where i have… begins 2. oh No, I knew where this was going. Yup…says 1 before i could respond. I meant….begins 2. Yup for that one as well says 1. I sat dumbfounded. why would you know about these i ask? why not? asks 1.

2 pulls out an website that lists the weirdest apps ever built. He reads out as 1 finishes up his beer

  • An app to block out the Kardashians content from appearing on your browser.
  • An app to tell if the picture that you just took was that of an hot dog?
  • An app that allows you type using only four words ****, yes, no, you.
  • An app that allows you to type only with 1000 simple words.
  • An app that allows you to pop pimples on the phone screen.
  • An app that tells you when to go pee when you are watching a movie.

The evening was definitely not going the way i intended, i surely was toast. For an IT engineer i was so not embracing technology to the extent others were. It sort of popped the bubble for me and i let a volley of cuss words.

And yeah i now know that There is an app for that too.

P.S The apps that i absolutely love and use are Good Reads, Weather – Go Run, Run Keeper, Black Player, Spotify, and YouTube.






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