Woodlands Half Marathon Prep Week 0: 10 Miles

Week 0: Preparation

All right. Done with Week 1. This would be week 0 for me. I have been following Hal Higdon’s novice half marathon plan and the first week plan includes 3 runs, 2 cross training days and 2 days of rest.  A cold and rainy start to the week ensured that I stayed indoors on Monday. Tuesday was colder, but I got the ball rolling with a round of body weight and strength training exercises at home. A combination of lunges, squats and pushups followed by some good old dumbbell training. My trainers are a couple in YouTube and more often than not I struggle to keep up with their reps and pace as well. I do hope that this improves as I work on it.

Wednesday, was kind of a disappointing day at work. Thanks to the daylight savings, it gets pretty dark up here by 6.00. The cold, traffic and my own laziness made me get home late and I had to contend with the broken elliptical machine in the apartment gym. 30 minutes of aerobic activity with the HR in zone 2 and zone 3 (40-60% of the max HR) made me feel much better though. Thursday, was the first run for the week. I felt a little tight in the calf and I had to foam roll for a good ten minutes before I felt ready. I ran 2.1 miles with an average pace of 12.24. The cadence was scattered all over the place partly due to the broken pavements and lack of light. Either way finished the run and ate a hearty meal. I don’t think burning more calories than what I am eating is going to go the right way this time.

Friday we reinforced our commitment towards healthy eating and restocked the supplies with vegetables and fruits. The sun was out the first time this week and I started early. The plan was to do a 3 mile run and I wanted to run the whole thing with no stops at a decent pace. Started off slower than usual and focused on the cadence and breathing, I think I started to feel the rhythm close to mile 2 and I did finish strong with a 9 minute pace. 3 miles in 36 minutes.

Two runs in two days was a little hard on the ankles. The concrete pavements are not particularly kind to the knees. Used the copper fit ankle wrap and had to pop in an advil to fight the inflammation. Rested the whole day and ended up missing my step goal target for the first time in 61 days. I did feel bad at first but then these are just numbers so you know what screw it.

Sunday Long run day. The last time I ran along the bayou my legs cramped around mile 4 and had to walk the way back. This time I wanted to run the entire loop (~5 miles). I had to take a bottle of Gatorade along with me so that I could fuel myself along the run. The weather was beautiful, and yeas I was able to run 4.69 miles before I stopped to take a call from HISD (on a Sunday morning really?). So there you go 10 miles in 3 runs. See you next week!


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