Woodlands Half Marathon Prep Week 1: Speed and Distance conundrum

From a training perspective this was supposed to be exactly like week 1. I had to log 3 runs, 2 workouts and total 10 miles. Things did not go exactly to plan, had to run several errands this week and for sure it did affect the workouts. So i had to compensate with brisk walks for about 4 days and gave up on strength training for the week. I sure hope to God that i don’t regret this.

Got two runs in for the week. The First run was for 3.05 miles, managed to keep the cadence around 161 the entire run. Zero Stops. The pace was 11.47 did have to breathe hard towards the end. It was extremely windy so did struggle to keep the temperature up all the time. The second run was what it was meant to be. The plan was to do to 5 miles along the bayou with Victor. The temperature drop was substantial and had think about the tacos a lot to get motivated. The cold helped me start briskly and i tried to focus on the cadence. The higher cadence did leave me feel a little bit more energized and also helped with the pace (12.09) a bit, i was able to look straight and breathe more easily. I had to switch to the kinder foot trails after mile 3. I wanted my knees to hold and the hard concrete trails were not helping. Completed five miles in an hour this time. I think i have got to the point where i can run for about an hour without stopping but i am concerned at the distance covered. At this pace i am looking at 2.5 hours of running (at least). Not good bruh!. Need to find ways to improve the speed and ability to run longer. I think i need to take the strength work outs far more seriously.

Ended up with 70K steps and placed second in the Garmin step challenge. So off we go now!

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