Woodlands Half Marathon Prep Week 2: It’s not the age but the miles

I feel i have been doing this training plan forever but it is only week 3. There is solace in the fact that this will end soon. The first two weeks were all right, and my body seems to be holding up so far. I have already clocked the most miles in a month and it is only going to get worse from here. Being the year end, I had enough time off work and the workout plan was to do 3 runs totaling 12 miles and do a couple of workouts to strengthen the body.

The first run was on Tuesday, the day after Christmas. The weather was extremely pleasant and the afternoon session seemed apt for the workout. I had planned to run 3.5 miles. The chance of precipitation was listed at 60%. The weather men here do make Mr.Ramanan look good at times, and apparently they do not stop a race for the rain. I decided to take a chance and went out with a rain coat. A little onto the run it literally started pouring, the coat did withstand the initial burst, but the water did manage to seep through and made me feel cold. I had to stop under the beltway bridge after a mile and a half as the water started getting into my eyes. The salt from the sweat stings like crazy when it gets  into the eyes so please do more to protect the eyes. Note to self use a cap the next time. I waited for the rain to subside and ran back home. I was not able to focus on the cadence but the rain did help with the pace and helped me clock an average 10:57 for 2.5 miles.

The fitness blender toning exercise came next. Kelli’s body weight exercises training focused on the core and lower body. I cant help think that she is a beast when it comes to these toning exercises. I was grunting my way through some of the exercises. The core seems to be the weakest link in the body, not that the rest is strong enough. The three magic exercises for runners are Planks, Push-ups and Lunges. I suck at 2 out of the three. The stretches helped alleviate the DOMS for a while but i did feel a bit sore the next day. The wind chill dropped the temperature to single digits and the cold made me feel my bones. The Thursday run was for 3.5 Miles at a 12:24 pace. I was able to hold the cadence at 161 and did manage a steady breathing rhythm. The three workouts felt good, but boy do these things make you feel hungry and tired. I decided to walk the next two days to alleviate any soreness. The “runger” is back and i am devouring food at a crazy pace as well.

I needed another 6 miles to hit the target this week. The weather forecast for Sunday was for a cloudy morning and then all hell was expected to break loose in the evening. I trusted the weathermen after their accurate prediction earlier and did go to the bayou equipped with the right gear. There was a steady drizzle and Victor assured me that it was for the best. The first five miles were fantastic i think i clocked 5 miles in about an hour. I had high hopes of finishing a 10 K within the 72 minute mark before i was laid waste by a couple of hills (elation of about 50 ft) and by the freezing wind towards the end. Ended up running the remaining 1.2 miles in 18 minutes. I was so upset that i ended up eating two tacos right after the run. The taco shop is strategically placed to fatten anyone leaving the park.

Foam rolling, stretching and a long nap seems to have set the body up for now. The temperature has been falling steadily all day and we are looking at negative temperatures tonight. I think i have done enough to earn the extra cup of tea and laze around all day. The forecast for next week is extremely bleak but you know what we got 12 more miles to go.

It was also extremely funny to see the laundry bag this weekend. It had all my workout clothes and a single workday shirt. 🙂

Happy New Year Guys!

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