Leadership Musings

This sort of does tie into an earlier conversation that I had with someone as well, a critical aspect of leadership that is more often overlooked is emotional intelligence. I think when I seek autonomy in how I do things, it is only fair to expect to give others the same flexibility I seek. I don’t think this means that one has to compromise on results, it just means that people must find their own way of delivering it. One of the subjects that I had the pleasure of finding more about from a mentor is about understanding headwinds and tailwinds. the simple exercise of identifying and recognizing headwinds/tailwinds can introduce a sense of empathy in your thoughts. I also found it very helpful to go through an exercise to identify the values that you personally associate with. You will notice that you tend to agree more with people who resonate with your values, even if they have different opinions or preferences. The trick is to try to understand that there are several other values that drive people, and it may not be the ones that you prefer. The values that I seem to connect with are

  • Competence
  • Independence
  • Spirituality
  • Authenticity
  • Accountability

It is ironic that I sometimes find the most important lessons about things from trivial things that I do not look forward to at all (KRA trainings). But as I slowly take steps forward in my career, I think there are opportunities for me to learn about the skills to help others grow around me. It is a different experience from what I have been used to, but it is something that I want to get better at.

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