Why this Kolaveri?

It is one of those days where the rain plays spoilsport and you are forced to sit inside watching the splattering drops. The Missus is not very happy that the things did not go according to plan. She simply stares outside. The rain picks up pace and the heavy drumming is making a weird noise… Continue reading Why this Kolaveri?

A Tale of Three Nights

One: As soon as I heard the Lift Lady Sing “Please Close the Doors” for the Umpteenth time, l let out a volley of curses and groans that would have silenced anybody but her. I walked up the stairs slowly thinking about the pathetic day I had at work. The shoes flew first, the laptop… Continue reading A Tale of Three Nights

The One about a Girl

A couple of months back, if someone told me that I would be getting married in the next three months I would have stared, and then walked away calling the person a madman. But a lot has changed in the last two months and here I am facing a brand new life in the next… Continue reading The One about a Girl

The one about The Date

A very average day at work was made the most exciting when my friend yelled “S1365”. I immediately knew what he meant. “Seriously” I asked. Yeah man I had to go get a new laptop from the Store and I found out her cubicle. Before he could say another word I ran out of the… Continue reading The one about The Date

The one about Two Birds

Life has been hectic. So hectic that I keep thinking about work at the GYM or even while watching a movie, I was so engrossed about the tasks that I had to for the day that I never noticed my roommate stop at the nearby motel. He asked me to wait downstairs while he went… Continue reading The one about Two Birds

The one about Kabaali

Yesterday, we decided to sell off our old fridge. To begin with, it was weird to sell off something which we took for rent. But we called up an agent and he agreed to send someone to take the fridge away. My roommates were busy and had to go out, so i was the one… Continue reading The one about Kabaali

The Advisor

I parked my car in the garage, and sat inside the car for a couple of minutes. i longed for a minute of silence before I drowned in a world of chaos. Being a single parent was tough, and trying to manage twins along with a high paying job was crushing me. I knew that… Continue reading The Advisor

The Break Up

I was looking at a photograph in my wallet, when a snob walked in, saw the picture and threw a nasty remark. For a moment I forgot everything, the office, corporate world, and gave a full blooded punch on his face. He reeled from the effect, held his hands against a bloody nose and ran… Continue reading The Break Up