The Third Reason

“The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.” How true, how many times have you seen some one do something you never expected them to do in the first place. These people make you feel all pumped and are the inspiration to make you move from what you are!
I follow the Reality show Britain has got talent. I watch the show for a couple of things. First for the extremely beautiful judge Amanda Holden, a pleasure to watch her. The Second reason being Simon Cowell, the master of Cynicism, his sarcastic replies can make Chandler Bing look mortal. Some of the acts were outrageous, some hillarious. There have been times, when I’ve stared, and wondered is that possible.
If we are to judge a person, the first thing that some of them look for is the way some one looks. i have been guilty of that charge too, we tend to write off people who have absolutely no chance to figure on the cover Page of Vogue or any fashion Magazine for that matter. Last week, i saw a 48 year old woman who had come to sing in the show. She was the xact opposite of Amanda. Amanda looked a bit shocked, Simon Smiled. I was eagerly waiting for Simon to score with his insults.
What happened in the next five minutes, took every one by surprise. The whole auditorium was stunned to silence. She had given such an amazing performance, the silence was followed by a thundering roar of applause. Amanda was on the verge of tears, as always, the third judge was extremely pleased. and Simon was Silent. Simon’s silence defined her success. Ms.Susan Boyle became the woman who silenced Simon. It’s people like Ms.Boyle who make this show interesting. Boy, did she inspire me.
Now i have another reason to watch the show. To see people do things that you think they can’t.






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  1. Rowena... Avatar

    I watched a clip of her performance. Stupendous is all I can say – she made me cry!

  2. Dinesh Balachandran Avatar

    Rowena, She Symbolizes Hope for Me

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