The Actor

It was a hot day, Zafar felt the heat, in spite of the Air conditioned car. Are we there yet? he asked his chauffeur. No sir there is a block ahead, and we might be a bit late..stammered the old man. Zafar didn’t like to be late. Now what..mumbled the star. The chauffeur lowered his… Continue reading The Actor

Feel Like GOD

“Feel like GOD”, that’s what the sticker on my bike says. I do feel like one when I am on it. The exhilarating feeling when you race on it is something unique. I took my bike and went out for a late night drive. I liked to go out for a drive in the night,… Continue reading Feel Like GOD

The Choice

Only a few days into college and this girl was making waves. She was everything a guy wanted, and everything one hated. Beautiful, smart, haughty, arrogant you name it, it would describe her. A fresher making so much news in college was unheard of. Me on the other hand, was famous for all the wrong… Continue reading The Choice

One in you

It had been a long tiring day for Martin, a professor at a prestigious business school. He had given three – hour long lectures and had faced a volley of questions from the students. He loved his job. He was good with words and that made him more endearing to the students. However, today’s sessions… Continue reading One in you

The Dream

The DreamDecember 1st 2007, Friday. It had been a long tiring day. My Roommates had gone out for the weekend, I was alone in my apartment, and bored. So I picked up a beer and sat before the Idiot box. Again nothing interesting. May be it was the beer; I soon drifted to what I… Continue reading The Dream

Have I Changed

I was sitting with a coffee, reading a Mario Puzo novel in my Apartment’s balcony, when my neighbors’ wife Jia came out with her two month old kid Ashmita. It was drizzling slightly and she wanted to get something from the nearby store. Her husband was not home and she didn’t want to take her… Continue reading Have I Changed